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Terms and Condition

Thanks for your interest at Almas Pedia, By using our website, application and services you are agreeing to following terms of use:

1. The user is obliged to fill out the registration form with the utmost integrity and to provide all necessary information, including personal data, contact number and address correctly. The company is committed to the privacy and privacy of the provided information. By users.

2. Any natural or legal person can only open a user account with full details on this site and open more accounts with different usernames and it can be used to remove user accounts of offenders.

3. The creation of an account on this site does not create the ownership or benefit of the user and the company can at any time, at its sole discretion, take action to remove or limit the user's account.

4. The services of this company are in the form of purchasing and selling of Berlian stones and hours by users. In exchange for each transaction, a percentage of the value of the transaction will be received from the seller as a commission. Summary - The company can at any time change the amount of commission received And the final decision to participate in this matter is definitive and binding for all users, whether old or new.

5. If, after the transaction, the buyer intends to sell his goods, he may re-sell the item purchased at the price and conditions and subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the seller.

6. Any user requesting the delivery of a commodity, such as watches or jewelery on this site, is required within a maximum of 48 working hours to return the principal of the relevant item in return for receipt of the receipt and to be lent to the company, otherwise his advert will be displayed. Will not come.

7. The beryllian stones sold for sale must bear an internationally recognized identity card and the seller is required to present the identity of the seller at the same time as the delivery of the goods to the company.

8. The seller's user accepts this text and accepts the responsibility for the accuracy and validity of the ownership of the goods presented, as well as the assurance of non-delivery of any prior disputes and, in the event of any subsequent claim, the full legal and criminal liability of the seller.

9- Maximum within 24 working hours after the delivery of the goods to the company, the advert will be approved for sale by the user and will be displayed on the site.

10. The company's recognition of the quality, type, weight and other characteristics of the goods presented to the user is a valid credit and the opposite statement on the site will not be displayed.

11. The pricing on the goods offered is in accordance with the user's opinion, and he can at any time apply the price correction proposed.

12. Providing goods on this site means giving the opportunity to participate in the sale of the goods offered at the seller's suggested price. Therefore, after selling the goods, the seller of the seller has no right to protest against the sales operation or the price set, and also can not request termination. Deal and return the goods.

13. If a person applies for the purchase of sex according to the future regulations, the seller can not change the price until the deadline for payment by the buyer has expired.

14. Membership on this site means giving attorneys from the seller to the company for the sale and delivery of their goods to the buyer with the terms and conditions of the site and the seller's price.

15. If the user refuses to supply the goods on the site, he can work in coordination with the company and within a maximum of 48 working hours by submitting a written receipt of the return of his item and removal of the ad on the site.

16. The user who intends to purchase the goods through this site can choose the product and confirm its purchase, within a maximum of 24 hours of work and after coordination with the company, and pay the full amount, receive its goods, and in non- This form of purchase is deemed to be the same.

17. If the user after purchasing the item pays the payment through the website provided on this site, his purchase is deemed definitive and can receive the company at any time and after coordination, see the product and its products. .

18. If the purchaser has paid the transaction through the Internet portal, in case of cancellation of the purchase, it is obliged, within 24 hours, by visiting the company and submitting a written request, requesting its refund, and the company is also obligated to postpone The deductible expenses and damages shall be paid to the buyer in return for reimbursement.

19. If the goods are delivered to the buyer upon delivery of the goods, the delivery goods do not comply with the specifications contained in the site or have a defect that can not be identified at the moment of delivery to the customer, the company is responsible for the compensation of all losses incurred to the customer, unless defective The shipping of goods has arisen due to the customer's fault or fault. It should be noted that defining the fault of the goods is detected by the experts of the company.

20. If the user, after purchasing the goods and paying it, does not go to the delivery of the goods for a maximum of one month, the company is willing to proceed with the sale of the goods to another and return the same amount of money paid by the customer upon his return, or the goods As a lien to the bank's safe deposit box, and after the client's visit and payment of the cost of the relevant fund to the delivery of the goods to him.

21. The company is obliged to make a maximum of one working week after the sale of the goods and receive its payment